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Thursday, January 7, 2010

The cat was Away and This Mouse Played

The holidays bring anticipation and excitement to so many, for so many reasons. This holiday season, I was given a special treat; a sweet opportunity to play while the cat was away. I'm usually obssessed with order, but I'm exhaused tonight and you are basically stuck with this part of my adventure with the understanding that it isn't in order of my adventures. Too bad, so sad. Suck it up buttercup. :)

On December 27th I got a call from one of my long time lovers, who had some time to drive down to see me if I was able and willing to play with him. As luck would have it, my Caveman was out of town and it was the perfect storm to say the least. My playmate, bless his well hung heart, drove more than 3 hours down to my house and we spent the evening catching up on life and eventually catching up on each other. It has been quite awhile since we've seen each other, even though we stay in touch by phone, email, texting ect. I felt a tiny little bit guilty inviting my lover down to our home without caveman being there, but he'd been gone for awhile and I was horny and in the end, my needs won out over my guilt. I must admit that when I called caveman and told him that my lover was sitting in our bedroom and that my intention was to fuck him, It was very satisfying. ~evil grins~

After hanging out in my bedroom for a few hours, laughing, telling stories, watching some TV....we finally started to entice each other and soon found ourselves so aroused that each touch was electric. Due to our long term history of playing together, he instinctively knew how to touch me in ways that make me wet. with each touch he took me to a new heightened erotic state that soon I found myself unable to resist falling totally under his control.

Before I knew it, I was on all fours and he was gently fingering my soaking wet pussy. My entire being was begging for more, and he slipped in one finger after another until he almost has his entire fist inside of my cunt, His rhythmical maneuvering of his fingers, deep inside of my pussy caused my body to convulse, my hips moving, my back arching and I was unable to control the deep sounds coming from my throat. Suddenly, I felt the first wave of an orgasm starting and I bit hard into the pillow and let the waves of pleasure flow and enjoyed each and every crest that followed.

I must admit that it is very difficult, once I've cum like that, to not just say 'thanks, that was great....I'm going to take a nap now'. But in the end, once I'd caught my breath and come (no pun intended) down from that orgasm, and I was able to once again think clearly I made sure that I reciprocated.

There is something that is just so hot about stroking a big black cock, feeling that gorgeous huge dick swell between my lips and hands. Such a turn on to hear a man moan, to feel his own hips thrust in response to my touch, to know that he is thinking of nothing more than thrusting that big cock into my mouth, pussy or if he's lucky ass. I adore hearing his voice, begging me to suck him, stroke him or fuck him. To hear how turned on he is, just by the tone of his voice or the sound of his breath or the words he's using is enough to make me lose all control and give him everything that he wants and needs.

When I started to tease his black dick with my mouth, blowing my hot breath onto the head of his cock, slowly and gently tracing the head of his cock with my tongue I realized how much more I love to play with a black cock than my own mate's small white 'dick'. How much more satisfying it is to entice a black man, how much more I enjoy giving pleasure to him than to the white man whom I spend my life with. It is no wonder that I now prefer to make love, fuck, play with black men.

I love Caveman but he just does not measure up to this.

My lover turned me back onto all fours and ever so gently sunk his big black cock into my pussy, being ever so careful to fill up every part of my pussy with his cock. Everyone enjoys the sensation of being full, and having my pussy filled up totally with my black lover's cock makes Caveman's efforts fruitless and silly in comparison. Which is why now I insist on using my big black dildo when I do play with caveman. He just is not capable of producing the same level of pleasure with what nature provided him.My lover slowly continued fucking me from behind with drawing almost to the point of pulling all the way then redirecting his cock back all the way in, slowly deliberately pleasuring my pussy, steadily he picked the pace , his strong hands grabbing my hips.i could hear his breathing increasing, I could hear his moans get slightly louder, then even with the condom on I could feel his cock erupt and pulse shot after shot of cum.My man lingered in My bed until 5 am holding me talking, wishing I was his to use full time.My body does belong to him, and will be waiting for his touch ounce again.