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Friday, December 11, 2009

Some Thanks and Some Giving

It was finally here , Not only was I looking forward to the usual Thanksgiving Day activities, Today is the 11th day of my denial ,I have been locked up ,not allowed to orgasm for 11 days, only let out twice for a couple of quick teasing/cleaning sessions.The teasing sessions were great Lizbeth brought me right to the edge, multiple times,for me the teasing is very euphoric, not sure what it is adrenaline or testosterone, but for a few hours after being teased to the edge, I get a nice buzz.

Our day shaped up like most American Homes on Thanks Giving Day.Lizbeth is a great cook so most of her day was spent in the kitchen, everyone in the house helped out from time to time, we all had a great Dinner and of course watched football.In the back of my head most of the day I was hoping that she wouldn't be to tired to set me free and let me release the cum that she had helped build up for almost two weeks.I was mentally preparing myself for disappointment in case she was to tired.I can't speak for others in the lifestyle but for me, denial/chastity, is great as long as their is teasing involved, denial with neglect for me is horrible.

After all of our guests left , all the dishes and food put away, we decide to go to bed.I made it in bed first I sleep naked so I was in bed with nothing but my cage on, hoping she would remember today was the day, praying she would want to play.Lizbeth sleeps naked as well , but she usually gets in to bed then removes her clothes, so most of the time i don't get to see her naked form. when we are in our teasing/denial phase she is very good at not allowing me to see her beautiful body.I new my prayers had been answered when she came out of her walk in closet wearing alittle sexy short pink robe , I could also see she had on some black stockings and heels which she knows drive me crazy.She had made plans with one of her long time lovers Phillip for this weekend coming up , she wanted to meet him at our local swingers/bdsm club, surrender her body to him and let him do anything he wants, while making me watch and perhaps letting everyone else watch,(more on this later) as she approached the bed looking sexy as hell, she asked "Do you think Phil would like me in this?" my reply"how could he not love you in that, or anything else ,or nothing at all, Phillip loves it when you let him use your body"

After pausing just a second to let me take in her sexiness she crawled her way into bed, climbing right on top of me. she brushes her face right up against mine, whispering in my ear, " since I will be seeing Phillip in 3 days , "You will not be getting any of his pussy,but if you do a good job licking his pussy I will let you cum".Lizbeth is a master at teasing, a big part of what she does is denying me things and pleasures, then she willingly allows her bulls those things.One of those things is Kissing , most of the time she will not allow me to kiss her deeply/passionately or use my tongue, or she only briefly allows me this great pleasure, often she pulls away, turns her cheek and tells me she doesn't want to kiss me, as she whispered my blocked entry into Phillip's pussy she dragged her lips across mine but only for a brief second, quickly pull away as my tongue touched her lips.Lizbeth rolled off of me unto her back, telling me," You need to get to work on Phillips pussy and you'd better take your time, you know how I like it."

I went to untie her robe but was quickly brushed away, "You don't need full access to my body to lick it". The robe was short enough to allow easy access to her , Lizbeth loves to be teased her self, slow kisses and gentle teasing touches on her thighs, the areas around her pussy, building her own excitement, she loves the slightest touch on her lips, often she will not allow on her clit for 10 minutes or more, ,I love being between her legs so I don't mind taking my time., laying on my stomach my cock still trapped in its cage it became painful as my hard on was straining against the plastic,being between her legs tasting her sweetness was worth all the waiting and the pain I was currently in.

I continued licking, kissing, probing her pussy with my tongue , she finally directed me to her clit, and it did not take long for her to go over the edge watching her body go through orgasm as she rocked on my tongue is always amazing..once she reaches orgasm she often becomes too sensitive so I had to stop. I moved up her body and encircled her nipple with my mouth and tongue. As she came back down, she lifted my head from her nipple by my hair and looked my starring me straight in the eye,"I need something in my pussy,bring me your key ,get the lube,"Lizbeth told me where the key was , as I made my way to get it,I thought she most be so horny she is going to let me have some pussy.I went to the drawer to locate my key, it was laying on one of her many black dildos she has, as she saw me reach in to the drawer, she said "bring my friend too,you didn't think I was going to fuck you did you?"

Back in bed she reached for the key and started to unlock me , but paused and pulled the key back out.Lizbeth grabbed my caged cock and fondled it"It sure looks small in there, lube up my black cock,for me"

As I lubed up her toy she made a few other comments on the size difference, Often when I use one of her Dildos on her I kneel beside her so she can stroke my cock, while I fuck her with the dildo, I have to mimic her motions on my cock with the Black Dildo, this way she lets me know how fast/slow or deep she wants it, but tonight she wanted to keep me locked and between her legs, so she could use her own hand two hands one working her clit the other controlling the big stick that was now stretching her.

As she worked the dildo in and out of her, she rubbed her clit and talked about Phillip, how is 11 inch black cocked filled her up so perfectly , how he knew exactly how to work her body. how she couldn't wait to see him to suck and please that big cock of his, returning the favor of pleasure that he gives her... it wasn't long before she had another orgasm ..... shaking, squeezing the thickness between her legs with her pussy... she turned involuntary on her side.... I could see her Pussy pulsing, quivering.

Lizbeth laid still finally letting go of her big black friend between her legs, I feared that her orgasms may have ruined her, which has happened in the past, when she cums like that she is done, spent.. and will simply tell me" Too bad I don't want to touch you, I don't want to tease you, I am satisfied"

It was my lucky day I guess She recovered and told me to lay back,she moved between my legs and unlocked me, taking her time, she torments me, taking forever to remove my chastity hardware.

She closed her robed continuing my visual denial, lubed up my cock, and let her magic hands go to work, after 11 days and the everything that just happened, I was ready to blow, as part of my training I am not supposed to cum, with out thinking about her, her pleasure , her being with her lovers.Lizbeth started talking about Phillip and what she was going to do to him, and what she wanted him to do to her, she knows exactly how to send me over the edge, when she brought up , that she wanted Phillip to fuck her in the ass,she added the fact that I had not been allowed in her ass for several years now was all it took.I had an amazing orgasm,shot cum a couple feet into the air.A very happy ending to my Thanksgiving


  1. WOW, love the chronological play by play, that was one of the most erotic posts I have read anywhere! The pics were awesome!!!!

  2. ohhhhhhhhhh, I love the story. I love male chastity device.