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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Double Edge Sword

There are moments in this relationship I love, watching Lizbeth enjoy herself with her lovers, being teased/denied with a great build up to some amazing orgasms, We have been working a lot lately for us to find time for Lizbeth to get in her play time I have to help around house, laundry, cleaning etc, I hate it. Last night Lizbeth calls me and tells me she has been talking with Mike.Mike is one of her lovers she has known for years , he is well trusted within our world not to expose our little secret, he has attended vanilla parties and function with us.Lizbeth invited him over tonight, for dinner and whatever else he wants, I have to work all day , but I also have get things ready for her date....personally I am not really into the humiliation aspect of cuckolding, Lizbeth does enjoy certain aspects of humiliation., So my life sucks because I have so many cuckold chores to take care of, plus work,But my wife is great if everything goes as planned I should get to watch Lizbeth take Mike's 11 inch black cock tonight.We are also having vanilla friends over tonight which should make for a very interesting fun night, we will keep you posted.

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  1. Another great post, I think you will get more out of some of the aspects in the cuckold lifestyle that you find humiliating over time, just think of all the fulfillment your wife is getting from it:)

    Plus, chores have to be done anyway, thinking of how you are doing them at the order of a beautiful Queen that you belong to can actually make them seem both personally fulfilling and fun!