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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Busting Our Cherry

We are a happy couple with ten years behind us, we have our problems just like most of the world, bills, work, etc,but in other ways we are very fortunate,we love to be together and in our ten years I think we may spent a total of three weeks apart.We have great communication when it comes to our sexuality.I would like to take a moment to thank My beautiful woman Lizbeth for granting me my desires and my fantasies for allowing me the time I have spent with other women for letting watch, photograph and video her time with other men.Together We have had the chance to experience almost every fantasy(swinging,bdsm,voyeurism,exhibitionism,cuckold interracial) the two of us could dream up with some fun and attractive people.

As I (Caveman) get older, the beautiful Lizbeth only gets better I am more and more drawn and excited by the cuckold lifestyle, which is the most extreme opposite of my experiences as a young man(bull). So the primary focus of our blogging adventures will be, on our cuckolding/hot wife adventures, how we came to this place and all of the good, bad and ugly associated with this lifestyle.Hopefully all good, No bad, as for ugly I cant promise, only because of my own involvement,And We often disagree on the attractiveness of her very lucky choices in lovers.

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