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Saturday, October 9, 2010


You know that feeling of dread when you take a look around the house and realize just how much there is to do?  I decided to really crank out our bedroom today, clean it up, organize clutter and my goal is to have a beautiful bedroom so that Caveman and myself can get our groove back.  If your bedroom is anything like ours, it tends to be the place where you can quickly stash all sorts of crap when you get an uninvited guest.  Before you know it, the bedroom looks like a garage.  Ironing board set up in the middle of the floor, dress shirts and pants hanging up around the edges, a custom made spanking bench that has now become a clothes horse for shirts and pants that need to go to the dry cleaners.

The gorgeous wooden chest (that I scavenged from the curb of an eviction and a sign that said 'Free Stuff') that sits next to my side of the bed is fairly well organized from the last time we played with any part of our vast collection of leather restraints and other leather fetish wear.  As you can see so far, this does not make for a room that creates a mood of lust, sex and most of all intimacy.

We have been rather quiet over the past year on our blog.  It was one of those years that we are lucky enough have survived as a couple.  On June 25th, it was 10 years to the day that I first met Caveman and over these past 10 years, our sexual relationship has taken some insane twists and turns. 

It is now hours since I started this post, the good news is that our bedroom is starting to look more inviting and I've kept myself busy thinking about various fantasies that I'd like to explore once I've finished. 


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