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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Teased and Denied PT 2

the small talk conversation continued, my tongue kept working, she pushed back using my finger to hit her g-spot, and it wasn't long I could feel her body starting to tremble....I could hear her trying to hide her pleasure in her voice.... from what I could tell from her shaking she had a great orgasm... Her man on the other end of the line had not detected a thing, she quickly rubbed her pussy all over my face all the time making small talk.

Still laying there naked on the bed blindfolded my cock excited and straining against its cage , I felt her get up off the bed , not wanting her bull to hear my voice I started to beg in cuckold sign language,my hands down on my cage unlocking the lock, then my hands up on my chest in the praying position, I kept repeating the two motions,back and fourth hoping to be released, her phone conversation continued, both going over schedules, looking for a time when they could meet, he was going out of town for the holiday, she was offering herself up almost anytime, I was a little shocked she was making her self so available,but was also very aroused that she would drop everything to be able to play with him, my prayers were answered as a felt her unlock the cage as the penis sheath taken off she said to him"I am am here and available for your pleasure any time you want" to hear her says those words to another man sent a jolt of excitement straight form my brain down to my penis.

She continued to remove my hardware, then I felt one of the my favorite things in the world, the cold lube dripping on to my cock, then two fingers started to rub the lube all over the head and shaft I was already close to exploding , it had been four days since my last ejaculation, four days locked up with no physical stimulation, hearing her talk with her bull I was in the redzone so to speak. Her grip changed and she was starting a full on hand job, as with most cucks I don't get to enter her pussy that often, blow jobs for me are a thing of the past both of the pleasures are saved for her lovers , so I have been trained and conditioned to love and crave her hand jobs.
My level of pleasure was growing quickly as was my frustration, I knew I was not allowed to come for nine more days,her bull asked where I would be for there next encounter, she replied he will be there watching, I may let him take pictures and video if her is a good boy .Her hand was picking up pace sliding perfectly up and down my penis,then she told him that I had been licking her pussy while they were talking and that she was teasing me with a hand job right now.

Now as part of our teasing and denial Lizbeth has learned to push me over the edge with her voice and what she says, if she talks about her desires for other men or what she wants , or what she enjoyed, she can set me off. while still stroking my cock she told her Bull my pussy licking was ok, but she needed him. Her exact words" I need to see you, I need you to fuck me", as the words escaped her mouth it was all I could take, I had to reach down ad stop her hand on moving on my penis, of I would have exploded , she stopped whisper in my ears those dreaded words "Put your cage back on" as I lay there rock hard, my balls full on the edge I almost like a scene from a prison movie the slamming of the cell door I heard the bedroom door shut, I could only dream of my the next time I wold be allowed some pleasure.

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  1. Goodness that was hot! Thank you!!! I would so love to feel your pain! If I got on my knees and begged do you think your wonderful wife would let me profile her on my site? :) Pant...pant (lol) She really is amazing!